March 10, 2016


Maybe the answer to your question is in the introduction video?

How do I make a screenshot? 

Indeed there is no screenshot button on the display (yet), you can make a screenshot the regular way, by pushing the “home-button” and “on/off” button of your device very short simultaniously.

What would be interesting to measure?

That’s up to you. Interesting would be to know how much energy is used in the house while you are sleeping. This level could be a good indicator if you can save any money. Often devices run 24/7.

It could be interesting to know if your old fridge or washing machine is ready for replacement. Last decade many devices became a lot more energy-efficiënt. A toaster, coffeemaker, up to you.

How accurate is the app?

The app counts the flashes and calculates the amount of Watts based on the frequency of the flashes. When you “miss” one flash during a measurement, the reading will not be correct.

If the settings are not correct, the measurement will also be false. For example, select 500 imp/kWh in stead of 1000 imp/kWh to see the difference.


I have a disc-meter, no LED, can I use the app?

Yes, the recent made it possible to use the app for both diskmeters as LED-meters. It also has a manual-option, whenever scanning might not work properly on your meter.


Is the app available on Android?

Not yet, we first want to optimize the iOS version and using this experience for designing the Android version.


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