March 10, 2016


cropped-icon-stroom-meter-612.jpg Powermeter app shows live energyuse

counts flashes and rotations, and shows you Watts.

With this Powermeter app, consumers can quickly measure how much electricity is consumed in their home. You can see how much  power consumption increases when you turn on the washing machine, coffeemaker or oven. Classic meters have a spinning metal disc. New meters and smart meters use a LED-light as indicator. The rotationspeed and flash frequency depends on the amount of power consumed. The Powermeterapp works like a translator, it displays the current value in Watts and shows a small graph. It works for both model types, DISC and LED. You can also enter rotations or flashes by hand.

What is the point? You can learn a little about electricity use of household machines. It is also interesting to determine your night usage and baseload. On an annual basis makes a big difference financially if this is an average of 80 watts or 250 W. You can see what happens when you turn on an: oven, coffeemaker or washing machine. How much does your usage drops when you turn off some lights? Does your fridge needs to be replaced? The app is free, works offline, no need to install anything. Feedback welcome. It can be downloaded from the App-store.

screenshot stroom meter 3

This app is developed by:

Daniel Broad from Dorada Software,  and Arno Vlooswijk from World of Warmth,