March 31, 2016




Using the powermeter app once a while you can determine what your baseload is. It probably will be somewhere between 50 and 250 Watts. It’s the amount of electricity used when no laundry machines, ovens, computers, lamps or television sets are turned on. So it’s for example the energy used 24/7 by fridges, servers, modems, adaptors, floor heating pumps. If you want to lower your baseload you have to find out how much energy is used by each of these appliances individually. How to lower your baseload? When this appliances are old they can use quiet a lot of energy. Replacing them by modern machines is a good way of lowering your baseload.


Example: Baseload drops from 300 Watt to 245 Watt by turning off some lights.

You can find a lot of information about this online, for example information from the European Union about energylabels.

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More information about the European Sustainable Energy Week , EUSEW 2016 can be found here >>