Powermeter App is live

New free app Powermeter

turns flashes into Watts.

With this Powermeter app, consumers can quickly measure how much electricity is consumed in home. You can see how much  power consumption increases when you turn on the washing machine, coffeemaker or oven. The classic meters use a spinning metal disc. This disc “shows” the current electricity use. New meters and smart meters use a LED-light as indicator. Does your meter has such a flashing LED? Than you can see your live power use with this app. The flash frequency depends on the amount of power consumed.  Often 1000 x flash means the consumption of 1 kW. Check this on your meter. The app displays the current value in watts and shows a graph.

What is the point? You can learn a little about electricity use of household machines. It is also interesting to determine your night usage. On an annual basis makes a big difference financially if this is an average of 80 watts or 250 W. You can see what happens when you turn on an: oven, coffeemaker or washing machine. How much does your usage drops when you turn off some lights? Does your fridge needs to be replaced?

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